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top prev next bottom Hobby Pictures of Pieter (20-Mar-2023)

Pieter finds that winters in Canada are ideal to retreat to his office, do some creative thinking, and follow that by the project execution in his workshop surrounded by the fine smells of wood and in a cloud of saw dust. Here are some examples of his handy work.

Potential future hobby items:

For newer hobby items see 2010 until now.

Click on the picture for an enlargement and use the "back" button of the browser to return to this page.

Bella Coola Mask Bella Coola Mask Bella Coola (Nuxalt) Mask (16 to 24-Oct-2009; 22 hours; 9" by 7½")

Another carving class given by Rick Wolcott at Lee Valley. The Bella Coola (Nuxalt) Mask is one of the four supernatural carpenters (Masmasala'niq) and made of basswood.

It was the custom in days gone by that the masks were burned after their use in the dances of the Winter Ceremonials. This required that masks be made year after year and this may in part account for the great ability of the Bella Coola carvers to see the final form in the alder as they adzed out the rough shape quickly and then finished them with their crooked knives.

Countertop Countertop Countertop (Mid April to 21-May-2009; 32 hours)

A friend had a 76" by 8-3/4" counter top ontop of a wall. Certainly not something you can sit at, so I made a 87" by 20-1/2" countertop with four consoles that sits ontop of the old countertop. To match the rest of the woodwork I used red oak, gave it two coats of Watco (Danish Oil Finish) Golden Oak and gave it protection with six coats of satin Acrylic Urethane Varnish.

Turned bowl Turned Bowl (14-Feb-2009; 8½ hours)

Class by Mike Mahoney at Lee Valley. If you want to learn wood turning then you learn it from the best, and that is Mike Mahoney. Google for "Mike Mahoney" and you will find also a practical sharpening video on YouTube. The left bowl was my first wood turning. The second is already better and flares out at the top. For the third I got bold and made it narrower at the top. I was almost done, made a mistake, lost the top part, and it became an ugly peanut bowl.

Chip carved box Chip carved boxChip Carved Box (5-Nov-2008; 7 hours)

Another fun class given by Rick Wolcott at Lee Valley. The box was provided. We designed the top and chip craved that. At home I sealed the whole box with Shellac and polished it with clear Briwax. I covered the inside with green velvet. The box is about 2-3/4" high and 4-1/4" from side to side.

Feather Brooch Feather Brooch (7 and 8-Oct-2008; 13½ hours)

Excellent class given by Rick Wolcott at Lee Valley. I made three Wood Duck side pocket feather brooches (round), and one Blue Jay side pocket feather brooch (blue). The feathers are about 7½ cm (3") long. One Wood Duck feather was made from basswood, and the rest from tupelo. There is certainly plenty of scope for improvements, but the basis is there.

Rainbow trout Rainbow trout (Jul-2008)

Made from red cedar scraps, and painted using Jo Sonja's Artists' Colours. Hangs on the fishing rod of the Pinocchio at the edge of our pond. Just a quick and dirty job, but from a distance it looks remarkably real.

Westcoat raven frontlet Westcoast Native Paddle (11 to 19-Jan-2008; 22 hours)

Another fun carving and painting class under the guidance of Rick Wolcott at Lee Valley. We made our own design. On the paddle itself is a killer whale with the triangular dorsel fin at top left and the blow hole at the middle right. On the handle is an eagle. The paddle is about 4¼ feet long.

Nightstand Dresser with mirror Nightstand and dresser with mirror (9-Apr-2007 to 28-Jan-2008; 313½ hours)

These red oak nightstands and the dresser with mirror matches the earlier made king-size bed, and completes the master bedroom furniture replacement project.

See the nightstand and dresser project for more details.

ElephantsElephants (11-Oct to 6-Nov-2007; 12 hours; height 9", width 14")

Great seminar given by Linda Forseth at Lee Valley. Learned new technique to create a leathery look. Finished with clear BriWax to cover the front and edges.

Automaton back side Automaton front sideBrain Picker (automaton) (22-Sep-2007; 7-1/2 hours; height 9")

A fun class at Lee Valley under the enthusiastic leadership of Charles Mak. Automaton, plural automata, is more often used to describe non-electronic moving machines, especially those that have been made to resemble human or animal actions (ref. Wikipedia). When you crank the "Brain Picker" it moves the brain picker with its hands, and moves the hat, eyes and tongue. The back photo shows the mechanism how that is done.

Woodburned gophersWoodburned gophers (10 to 31-Aug-2007; 12 hours; height 9½", width 7½")
Another fun seminar given by Linda Forseth at Lee Valley. Learned how to texture fur, ground, grass and rock. Used watercolours for a little bit of colour, and used clear BriWax to cover the front and edges.

Westcoat raven frontlet Raven FrontletWestcoast Raven Frontlet (11 & 18-Aug-2007; 18 hours; height 6½", width 5½")

Another great carving class under the guidance of Rick Wolcott. The Raven Frontlet is worn on the forehead with two side straps and one top strap. Decorated on top with long feathers and down. When bending down while dancing the down will fall out and float to the ground signifying a sign of friendship.

LionLion in Relief (5 to 26-Jul-2007; 15 hours; height 9½", width 7½")
Great seminar given by Linda Forseth at Lee Valley. A combination relief carving and wood burning class. The carving was done in butternut, a very nice wood to work with. The lion was wood burned for extra effect. Finished with clear BriWax to cover the front and edges.

Westcoast MirrorWestcoast Mirror Carving (23 to 31-Mar-2007; 22 hours; diameter 16")

My second Westcoast carving class again under the fun leadership of Rick Wolcott. A 18" round frame with crescent moon and three different wolves. Learned also how to paint sparkling stars.

wooden smoothing planeSmoothing plane(3-Mar-2007; 7 hours)

Made a 10" wooden smoothing plane under the expert guidance of Doug Haslam at Lee Valley. There is nothing more satisfying than producing a beautiful thin curl of wood with a self made smoothing plane.

West Coast Moon MaskWest Coast Moon Mask (26-Jan to 3-Feb-2007; 22 hours; diameter 16")

My first West Coast carving class under the excellent leadership of Rick Wolcott at Lee Valley. A 10" Salish/Nootka style face surrounded by simple renditions of two ravens, a symbol of transformation.

king-size bedKing-size Bed (29-Nov-2006 to 25-Feb-2007; 160 hours)

This red oak king-size bed is the first piece of furniture as part of the complete master bedroom furniture replacement project.

See the king-size bed project for more details.

Medallion Brass Etching (9-Nov-2006).

My first brass etchings done during another excellent seminar given at Lee Valley. The design was provided by Lee Valley. The medallions are 1-1/4". I plan to make my own design, make some twenty medallions, and then use those to "sign" my woodworking projects.

garbage binGarbage bin (Oct-2006; 12½ hours)

Some people have said that this garbage bin is too beautiful to use in the workshop. Sorry folks, but it is there that it is needed the most.

See the garbage bin project for more details.

Glass Etching Glass Etching Glass Etching Glass Etching (18-Oct-2006).

My first glass etchings done during the excellent seminar given at Lee Valley. The first was a flower etched on a 4" (10 cm) octagon mirror. The second was an eagle etched on a tall narrow glass. Making the pictures was more difficult than the etching process

cowboy card holderCowboy business card holder (Feb/Mar-2006; 21 hours; pattern by Ralph C. Graves, Camp Verde, Arizona)

See the carving project for more details.

repainted wooden shoes repainted wooden shoesRepainted wooden shoes In Dutch: klompen

When you go to The Netherlands (Holland) and you visit Amsterdam, you will no see a single person wearing wooden shoes. However, when you go to the country side and you have a good look at the local farms then you may get lucky and see wooden shoes been worn. My wife and I, living on an acreage in Canada still use wooden shoes when we have to go out in the yard. I have a pair in my woodworking shop as they are good for safety. Wooden shoes cool in the summer, warm in the winter, good safety wear, colourful, and they attract attention in our neighbourhood.

Wooden shoes are subject to wear and at some point in time the sole gets so thin that a pebble will press through. Then it is time to replace them. Dutch tradition is that those old worn wooden shoes are repainted, hung on an outside wall or fencepost, often filled in the summer with a bit of potting soil in order to grow geraniums in them. Here a view of how we painted them.

Wall CabinetWall Cabinet (Oct/Nov-2005, 33 hours).

We needed some extra storage space in the laundry room. Made an exact copy of other wall cabinets in that room. The cabinets are made from 5/8" and 1/2" melamine, and the raised panel doors from red oak. The cabinets are 30" high and 12" deep, and 42" and 21" wide respectively.

Roll Top DeskRoll Top Desk (started 7-Feb-2005, completed 31-May-2005; 367 hours).

A big wish of my wife. Based on plan #151 of American Furniture Design Co. with hutch added on top. The desk is made from red oak. The desk contains several secret compartments as well.

See the construction project for more details.

tool cabinet -- exterior view tool cabinet -- look insideTool Cabinet (Jan-2005)

This 8 feet wide by 7½ feet high tool storage cabinet is my own design and made from ¾" MDF. It was build in Apr-1997. Have a peek what the old tool cabinet looked like.

Plenty of drawers and shelving behind the doors. On top at the sides is storage for long stock of 8, 7, 6 and 5 feet on the left and 1, 2 and 3 feet on the right. Behind the cabinet is storage space for several 4 by 8 feet sheets of plywood. The old tool cabinet featured an open space with pegboard, and that open space has now been closed with two double-door cabinets and two more drawers. Unfortunately the colour difference of the MDF shows.

Roller StandRoller Stand (Jan-2005; 4¼ hours)

With a top support bar of 32" and height adjustable from 30¼" to 51", this is the perfect tool for Pieter's workshop.

See the construction project for more details.

Garden GateGate to Vegetable Yard (Nov/Dec-2004; 61 hours)

Based on the Garden Gateway plan #9061 from the New Yankee Workshop. It just so happen that the sizes on the plan matched what we needed.

See the construction project for more details.

Monster TruckMonster Truck (Nov-2004; 30 hours)

Made from a plan in Les Neufeld's book: Tremendous Toy Trucks. The truck is 9½" long and 6½" high.

See the construction project for more details.

three-piece block puzzle three-piece block puzzleThree-Piece Block Puzzle (Mar-2004)

A Three-Piece Block Puzzle from the book Puzzles Old & New by Jerry Slocum and Jack Botermans. Made from 1 1/2" red oak blocks. Nobody publishes how to put the three pieces together, so why should I? It took me about 30 minutes to figure it out.

School to Home puzzleSchool to home puzzle (Mar-2004)

Based on the 1928 "The Flying Puzzle" from the book Puzzles Old & New by Jerry Slocum and Jack Botermans. Made from 5/16" red oak leftover from another project. The idea is that "Me" moves from the top left (school) to the bottom right (home) through traffic.

red-winged blackbirdRed-winged blackbird (28-Feb-2004)

My first marquetry project done during the excellent seminar given by Janet Walker. After the sanding I applied white Shellac and then polished it with clear Briwax. Completed the project with a small wenge frame.

Blue Shadow model boat Blue Shadow model boat Blue Shadow model boat

Blue Shadow, 1778 American Navy Brig with 12 guns, scale 1:64; height 69.5 cm, length 55 cm, width 34.5 cm, Mamoli kit #MV22 (started Feb-2001, completed Jan-2004; 209 hours).

See the model construction for more details.

Bench/tableBench/table (Dec-2003; 8 hours).

A 18" heigh bench of 39" by 16½" for outside that can also double as a table. The bench is made from 2½" by 1½" cedar slat.

See the construction project for more details.

Winnie the PoohWinnie the Pooh (Nov/Dec-2003; 6 hours)

A 12½" heigh figure with arms and legs moving when you pull on some strings. Made from some left-over ¼" plywood.

See the construction project for more details.

Laundry BoxLaundry box (Oct-2003; 14 hours)

A 21" wide by 18" deep, two compartment laundry box on casters that is 30" high.

See the construction project for more details.

Needlepoint StandNeedlepoint Stand (Feb-2003; 7 hours)

Made from one 8 feet board of 1" x 6" maple, with three folding arms and rotating head in which to clamp the needlepoint work.

See the construction project for more details.

wine rackWine Rack (Dec-2002; 21 hours)

41" x 51", made from 3/4" red oak plywood. The rack is subdivide with diagonal boards creating 6 squares for 16 bottles, 7 triangles for 6 bottles, and two traingles for 3 bottles, for a total capacity of 144 bottles.

See the construction project for more details.

No picture availableSpoon Rack (Dec-2002; 6 hours)

It is 16" x 17", made of solid red oak, no nails just glue. It has a capacity of 3 rows of 12 tea spoons. A quick job to do someone a favour who needed it for a relative and just could not find one.

No picture availablePlant cold frame (Mar-2002; 9 hours)

This 8ft x 6ft x 2ft frame is made from 2" by 4" lumber. It will be used to put young plants outside under a cover of protective cloth so that the plants can adept to the outdoors before being transplanted.

CD trayCD Tray (Dec-2001; 6 hours)

Some leftover ½" birch plywood, keep it simple and in no time you have 6 CD trays that store some 40 CDs each.

Patio TablePatio Table (Dec-2001; 38" round, 29" high, 24 hours)

Based on plan #7041 for an outdoor garden table from the New Yankee Workshop. That table called for teak and was 36" round and 16" high. Our table is made from red cedar with a slightly thicker table top and legs, and includes a hole in the center for the patio umbrella.

ShuffleboardShuffleboardShuffleboardSjoelbak (Nov-2001; 15" x 78"; 18 hours)

Sjoelen is a Dutch shuffle board game. A century old, true family winter game. The objective is to shuffle the 30 discs in the four pockets at the opposite end. A more even distribution gives a higher score. The base is made from 1/8" oak plywood, the score board is from maple and the rest is solid oak. The main challenge was to find the right finish for a super smooth surface. Made 3 sjoelbakken!!!

See the construction project for more pictures.


doll standDoll Stand (Nov-2001)

two-seater swingAdirondack Two-seater Swing (Jan-2001)

Made from cedar and based on Veritas (Lee Valley) "Adirondack Plus" porch seat plan 05L05.02. The deck was done in Jul-2001.

flower boxFlower Box (Jan-2001). Made from cedar.

doll high chairDoll Highchair (Dec-2000). Just some leftover pine boards.

Bird HouseBird House (Nov-2000)

Made from leftover cedar wood. The internal size and entrance hole was designed to entice wren, titmouse, chickadee and nuthatch, but the first year we ended up with a nest of tree swallows instead. Actually 4 different ones were made.

YardmanYardmanYardman (Pinocchio) (Nov-2000)

This one is about 12" high. Typically made from dowels. The ones we have in the yard -- one with a rake and one with a fishing rod -- are made from 5" round fence posts and are about 30" high. My uncle Toon de Gier -- a brother of my mother -- got the idea on one of his vacation trips in Europe; Spain I believe. He later showed me one that he had made, I took the dimensions, took it to Canada and here they are.

adirondack chairPatios, Pathways, Retaining Walls (1997 to 2000)

adirondack chairAdirondack Chair (Jan-2000). Made from cedar and based on Veritas (Lee Valley) "Adirondack Chair" plan 05L05.01.

baby cradleBaby Cradle (Dec-1999). Based on the cradle plan of the New Yankee Workshop.

Quarter PounderQuarter Pounder (Nov-1999)

A note holder made from wood scraps and a quarter, hence the name "quarter pounder". Makes a nice stocking stuffer at Christmas.

driveway entranceDriveway Entrance (Jul-1999)

Made from 6" by 6" pressure-treated posts and two old wagon wheels which we painted with old fashioned red barn paint.

bird feederBird Feeder (Feb-1999)

Completely made from pieces of scrap leftover from other projects. Note the little sparrow waiting from me to refill the feeder.

wishing wellWishing Well (Jan-1999)

Made from red cedar and pine, based on the wishing well plan 371 from U-Build. The wishing well is placed on top of the septic tank to camouflage the concrete top of the tank.

sign strangerSign on Stranger's grave (Dec-1998)

Stranger was a stray cat that joined our household in Houston in 1982. She travelled with us to Holland, South Africa and Canada. Gave me a chance to try my hands on some letter carving. The cat layout is based on that of one of the pussy cats I did in 1995 (see further down).

Towel HangerTowel Hanger (Nov-1998; 5" long)

As simple as it is practical. A couple of pieces of leftover oak cleverly glued together with a free rolling ½" stainless steel ball captured inside. Et violá, a towel hanger. Excellent stocking stuffer for Christmas.

See the construction project for more details.

Maze PuzzleMaze Puzzle (Nov-1998; 5" x 5" x 3")

Made 4 of these as Christmas gifts and these instructions came with it. Half a year later I gave out the diagrams with the solution.

Book, software or computer game,
All these are too easy and too tame.
So I made you a true Black Box;
Don't get too exited, hold on to your socks.
It's not the one from a plane
That would really be too insane.
No, this one is hand made of wenge wood
And can be used whatever your mood.
The object is to get the ball from left to right,
or vice-versa depending on your sight.
Visualize yourself in a city of 6 by 6 blocks;
It's a nightmare maze worse than Fort Knox!
What's more, there are also three floors
Each of course with different corridors.
Rely on your senses and intelligence;
It is mind over matter: use patience and diligence.
The sound of the ball is often dull,
But much fuller when it hits the wall.
Did I tell you that the designer had a crooked mind?
He put in also fourteen dead ends for you to find.
Remember, there is always the fireplace
If you cannot solve the maze.

music boxMusic Box (Nov-1998)

Made several of these boxes from rosewood and lacewood. The music works were bought at Lee Valley.

No picture availableOffice Furniture (Feb-1998)

picnic tablePicnic Table (Jan-1998)

Based on plan J00700 of Jer's Pattern Projects. Used 2"x6" red cedar instead of the 2"x4" as recommended in the plan. This did required some adjustments to the various sizes.

television cornerTelevision Corner (Dec-1997)

Own design. Big enough for a bulky old fashioned TV and wide enough for the future large screen televisions. Opening for VCR and DVD player, and drawers to store cables, video tapes and DVDs.

banana rackBanana Stand (Dec-1997)

Some leftover pieces of plywood and some oak fineer.

spice rackSpice Rack (Dec-1997)

blue jay blue jayBlue Jay (1997)

My second carved bird.
In 2015 the Blue Jay was gifted to a friend and she displayed the Blue Jay for everyone to see and admire.

(Oct-2017). Our friend got a kitten who was of course very curious, ended up meeting the Blue Jay and chewed up the beak very badly. Our distraught friend told me about that, and I fixed the Blue Jay by cutting off the damaged part of the beak, gluing on a scrap piece of tupelo and re-carving and painting the new beak.

tool cabinetTool Cabinet (Apr-1997)

This 8 feet wide by 7½ feet heigh tool storage cabinet is my own design and made from ¾" MDF. Plenty of drawers and shelving behind the doors. On top at the sides is storage for long stock of 8, 7, 6 and 5 feet on the left and 1, 2 and 3 feet on the right. Behind the cabinet is storage space for several 4 by 8 feet sheets of plywood.

The open space have since been closed, so have a look at the new tool cabinet

No picture availableCabinet Guest Bedroom (Jan-1997)


No picture availableDoll Cabinet (Sep-1996)

ranch foremanRanch foreman (1996). Here I tried my hand on caricature carving under the watchfull eye of a professional carver.

red breasted nuthatchRed Breasted Nuthatch (1995). My first bird carved and painted during a weekend session under the guidance of a professional carver. It still needs to mounted properly.

pussy catsPussy Cats (1995). Made from ¼" plywood. My wife found the layouts in a Dutch magazine.

inlay tableInlay Table (1994). We collected the small Delft Blue tiles when we were flying business class with KLM. We had enough to make this attractive 24 by 21 inch table.

Dutch windmillDutch windmillDutch windmillDutch windmillDutch windmillWindmill scale 1:25, base width 20", tower height 37", vane span 61" (Oct-1993 to Jun-1994; 355 hours)

The Zuid Hollanse Achtkant Watermolen plan is from De Muiderkring. This eight-sided windmill is from the province of South Holland for pumping water out of polders. The head can turn in order to put the vanes into the wind.

The third picture is taken in July 2007, clearly showing that annual maintenance cannot keep up with the harshness off the Canadian weather. A next project will be to build a new windmill.
A major repair was done, but six years later (Oct-2013) the windmill looks even worse than in 2007. This year a new scale model will be build.

slide sorterSlide Sorter (1993


No picture availableOval Table (1992)

jewelry box jewelry boxJewellery Box (1991)

Own design. Made from tambootie, a very oily hardwood from the East side of South Africa. This wood is very difficult to get, but my South African neighbour generously donated the wood for my project.

chuck wagonChuck Wagon (Mar-1991; 128 hours)

A friend in Houston had one. I took measurements and pictures. Seven or eight years later I built this one.

Cutty SarkCutty Sark, 1869, scale 1:75; height 67 cm, length 110 cm, Billing Boats kit #564 (Jan-1989 to Nov-1990; 507 hours)

Still one of my master pieces. I built the display case to keep the dust away from the model. The mirror in the back helps to appreciate the model from all angles, but it is the pits to photograph.

For newer hobby items see 2010 until now.

Click on picture for an enlargement and use the "back" button of the browser to return to this page.

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